Commonwealth Warriors

Commonwealth Warriors
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Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Canadian army at War 1939-45 in 1/72

I would add pictures of my Canadian army in minature except for one reason:
 the figures are back in Nova Scotia.
However does have shots and box art which can illustrate what I have.
 The figure sets I did use include
Airfix WW2 British Infantry X1(plasticsoldierreview)
Italeri/Esci British Infantry X3(plasticsoldierreview)
Matchbox British Infantry X1(plasticsoldierreview)
Revel British 8th Army Scottish Infantry X 2
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview)

Royal Canadian Artillery
Click for larger image(plasticsoldierreview)

Third Canadian Infantry Division:
Major-General R.F.L. Keller (1900-1954) Maj-Gen. R.F.L. Keller Commander, Third Canadian Infantry Division. (
Sherman V tankSherman Tank of Fort Garry Horse (
Fighting in the Netherlands, 12 April 1945 South Alberta Light Horse beating off the Germans (