Commonwealth Warriors

Commonwealth Warriors
Ready for Anything

Saturday, 18 August 2018

LAC Redden passing out parade, 14 Wing Greenwood CTC

Marching off the parade to the muster point for demobilization

forming up for the parade, all 500 cadets

Leena and I had just enough time to get a parking spot and a place to sit and enjoy our supper, from the Pizza Delight just outside the base. Ian was pleased that he could get to eat pizza on the way home.

Leena and I wait for the parade to begin. she was a super trooper, never whinned or fused once.

one of the cadets taking up position for the colour guard

the runway we were on,was still flying pc orions off it.

all 500 cadets and band dressing

as it got cooler, we put our shirts on

a proud and steady cadet ready to go home.

Monday, 6 August 2018

LAC Redden off to GT camp, 14 Wing Greenwood

new colours for our home

drove back to Elmsdale to drop him off. I had passed the base on my way home.

eight Cadets from his squadron, first year cadet were going