Commonwealth Warriors

Commonwealth Warriors
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Friday, 26 April 2013

The 9th Australian Division, The Rats of Tobruk for ANZAC Day April 25

Australia sent military forces to the UK from 1939 to defend the homeland of many of their ancestors. ANZAC Day commerates the Australian-New Zealand Corp which was sent to the Middle East during the First World War
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ANZAC Day also commerates the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps contribution to the Battle of Gallipoli
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Later on, ANZAC forces fought in the Pacific campaign
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and even later on they fought in Korea and Vietnam.
Further actions Australian and New Zealand troops have been involved with include the Gulf War in 1991, Operation Restore Hope in Somolia in 1993, East Timor, Iraq 2003 and Afganistan 2001

Saturday, 20 April 2013

For King and Country

Between 1899-1972, the militaries of the British Commonwealth helped defend the British Empire.
This blog will document some of the battles which these forces took part in.
It is hoped that this will shed light on the men and women of the Commonwealth who served King and Country, with which they eventually found their independence, while still remaining a part of the Commonwealth.

Friday, 19 April 2013

The British Indian Army

I just finished watching a very interesting documentary by BBC Timewatch on the British Indian Army. This force was the largest volunteer army in history! Yet, because of Indian independence from Britain in 1948, the exploits of these men have been horribly forgotten, ignored, or supressed.
This blog post may do some justice to these men.
A few small tibits to contemplate. 28 Victoria Crosses were awarded to members of this army. No small feat.Click for larger imageClick for larger image(photos courtsey of for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger imageClick for larger imageIndian Infantry (Desert)
Indian Infantry