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Commonwealth Warriors
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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, was an interesting part of the Commonwealth, they unilaterally declared independence from the UK in 1964, though this was never recognised by any country. From that time until 1979, they fought a guerrilla war with black nationalists who wanted their own share of democracy.

Southern Africa at that time was a place of whites first, Africans at the last. But surprisingly, the majority of the members of the Rhodesian military were blacks!

The Royal Rhodesian Regiment
Rhodesian Army 1970's
The Selous Scouts
Rhodesian Selous Scouts

The Rhodesian Light InfantryRhodesian Light Infantry
The Rhodesian Special Air Service.
Rhodesian Irregulars 1970's

Unfortunately for the European population, the anger and humiliation suffered by blacks resulted in Rhodesia being changed to Zimbabwe, and Europeans living in terror. Even now, the government is still led by one of the African leaders Mugabe, who had fought in the guerrilla war.
Rhodesian UR-416 Pig

Not only were members Rhodesian born, but also volunteers from the US, the UK, Canada, West Germany, and anyone who could speak English. Many of the Americans were Vietnam war veterans.